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Nathalie Descout
Fashion Designer

Learn more about our designer, Nathalie Descout, her journey and the origins of Maison NDP.


Couture fashion designer, Nathalie Descout has made lace her signature. Very young, she aspired to the world of fashion and joined the prestigious ESMOD school in Paris in lingerie specialty. First success of a promising career, she won the competition of French creators as soon as she left.

The young stylist then trained with Lolita Lempicka and Hervé Léger where her talents allowed her to take flight. She continues her ascent with big names in fashion, from Max Chaoul to Jean-Paul Gaultier. Drawing on her experience, aspirations and inspirations, she founded her own brand: Nathalie Descout Paris.


She has since collaborated with the biggest festivals (Cannes, Monaco...) and was selected for an advertising spot for the prestigious Aston Martin brand.

nathalie portrait paris.JPG


The Nathalie Descout house stands out for its lace-making refinement. It honors all outfits by mixing shapes and colors in a timeless style that subtly highlights the curves of femininity.


As a true perfectionist, it is distinguished by the demanding choice of its fabrics, selecting the best of the French artisanal heritage from the silks of Lyon to the lace of Calais.


Continuing her international rise, Nathalie Descout is diversifying by also offering a prestigious mother and daughter collection to her clientele. Consecrated by fashion week in New York, then Paris and Dubai, she will finally reach her dream.

We invite you to browse our site to find the outfit of your dreams. Try the Nathalie Descout Paris experience today.

Sous l'Arc de Triomphe

A 100% French brand

Nathalie Descout Paris is a brand that makes your dresses in France with the most beautiful materials from French heritage. Thus Calais lace and silk shape each of them.

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